Here to Make Your Summer Better

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Here to Make Your Summer Better

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Hyred Outdoor Solutions

Pier Painting - Moving - Painting & staining - power washing - Odd JObs

Hyred utilizes skilled, experienced, and hardworking college students to assist you with services in areas such as moving, painting, and staining. Hyred allows for manual labor jobs to be accomplished at an affordable cost while allowing college students to earn spare cash in their free time around internships and summer programs.


Pier Painting

Pier painting for lakes across Indiana and the Midwest



Let Hyred workers do your heavy lifting


Painting & Staining

Hyred workers have painted and stained over 25 projects throughout 4 years

other jobs

Hyred workers are college students who love making extra cash and would love to help you out. Hyred workers have performed jobs such as power washing, putting together furniture, walking/taking care of dogs, as well as many other jobs. Simply fill out a “Get Quote” form, select “other” as the job type, fill out a short description, and we would love to help you out!